Sunday, February 28, 2021

In 2013, for the first time we participated in the trade fair Inter Tabac in Dortmund - International Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Accessories.The project brings together over 400 exhibitors from around the world. Among them was the company Telmax, which offer included cigarette filter tubes and tobacco accessories brand Korona. Fair was visited by over 9500 visitors from all over the world. It was a great opportunity for us to make new contacts with potential customers and strengthening existing cooperation with existing customers and suppliers.



In 2014 for the first time we participated in the trade fair EuroTab 2014 Krakow - International Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Accessories. The project brings together exhibitors from all over the world, and among them was also the Telmax company. In our offer ware slim cigarette filter tubes and new product - slim menthol cigarette filter tubes.



In year 2015 while the Euro Tab exhibition we presented
our full range of product and new product - Korona Cigars.


In year 2015 we participated third time as the exhibitor in Inter Tabac exhibition in Dortmund – World Tobacco and Accessories Exhibition. This project like year by year accumulate huge range of exhibitors from whole over the world. Exhibition was visited more then 11 500 visitors from whole world. While the exhibition 557 exhibitors presented their products. It was great opportunity to reach some new commercial contacts and strengthen the cooperation between clients and suppliers. At the exhibition we showed new products cigarette filter tubes slim Pink and Carbon.



In year 2016 we participated at the trade fair Euro Tab in Kraków.
At the trade fair we made a presentation of our
new brand – Golden Star, which we have in
our offer in slim and king size version.



On the trade fair Inter Tabac 2016 in among exhibitors was also our company. At the exhibition we presented our new brand Golden Star and something new in our offer – product Korona cleaner.



In 2017 during EuroTab2017 in Warsaw we presented most popular products from our brand Korona and Golden Star. Among our new products which attracted attention of visitors was Korona Smoke Box - new unique box for cigarettes keeping.